Forex Trading Advice for the Beginners

The foreign exchange market or Forex, as it is popularly known is a kind of market where currencies of different countries are traded. The Forex market has quickly become the world’s largest financial market, with daily turnover of trillions of dollars.

Currency Knowledge Influences the Forex Trading Success Rate

The Forex market boasts as being the largest market worldwide with an exchange rate of more than 1.8 trillion dollars on a daily basis. The Forex market features attributes such as 24 hour market, super liquidity and better execution that makes it a striking and worthwhile market.

Place Spread Bets Using Forex and Stock Trading Basics

In recent years, financial markets have played a major role in fast growth of spread betting using the Forex and stock trading basics. With these types of bets, traders can speculate on financial markets thus, end up making profits on rising or falling market prices. An attempt to make profits on rising prices is known as going long while an attempt to make profits from falling prices is known as going short.

An Assessment of Live Forex Charts

There is no doubt that live forex charts have had an impact on the way that this industry runs. This article points out their usefulness in terms of technical analysis and real time data. These are the elements which can contribute to an effective strategy.

Fiat Money Vs Commodity Money – A Raging Debate

Are you looking to become involved in the discussion surrounding fiat money vs commodity money? Many people are trying to learn more about this discussion as countries around the world are running up debt. America is not exempt from this either as seen by the trillions currently owed by the United States government.

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