Coin Bureau Clips: LIVESTREAM!! 22-4-22

The Freemasons and the Forex Market

What could possibly be the relation between freemasons and the Forex Market? Am I pushing it too much? Well… judge for yourself.

How to Be a Trader Lesson VIII – The Forex Trader Knowledge

Knowledge means different things to different people. For me anything that doesn’t have a practical application in life is worthless. Many people, and definitely many forex traders, think knowledge is filling their head with tons of information. The more you know the wiser you are. Well… it’s not.

How to Be a Trader Lesson VII – The Power of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein said: “The most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest”. Many people underestimate the power of compound interest when making their investing decisions. Small gains tend to add up very quickly when you trade in a wise way. If you invest your money in a responsible disciplined manner; in no time you are going to have a small fortune.

Forex Market Myths I – Speculators Are the Bad Guys

The other day I was reading Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons; and realized something. We need bad guys for survival. We need someone to point our fingers at when things go wrong. In the markets arena this bad guys are called speculators.

How to Be a Trader Lesson VI – Think Like an Economist

In the mid part of the year 2007 I was involved in a serious accident. Fifty percent of my body was burned in an explosion. To make a long story short when I was in the emergency room and my mother asked me how I was feeling; I answered: “Well… If I die, please make sure they don’t charge you full price for the cremation.”

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