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Life As a Forex Trader – Acting Compulsively

I know many traders that develop an addiction to the forex market. An addiction that is as dangerous and destructive as any other. Trading the forex market should never get in the way of you living your life.

Forex Market Myths II – Currency Trading Is Risky Business

Many people believe currency trading is risky business, and will never even give it a try. I want to share some ideas with you about why I know trading the forex market is not as dangerous as most people think. If you are not convinced after, I swear I won’t bother you again. Just keep an open mind.

Forex Market Workshop Lesson II – Finding a Trading System

The first step to become a successful Forex trader is to find a good system. You need to look for a strategy that fits your trader personality. Although different trader types means different trading approaches there are some basics that apply for everyone, and you should take into consideration when selecting your Forex system.

Forex Market Myths III – The Forex Market Is a Rip-Off

Many people think that the Forex Market is a scam; or some kind of ponzi scheme. Well… it’s not. I have been able to profit from the forex market in a consistent way. Sure I have had some drawdowns, from time to time, but I have always been able to recover from them. I want you to analyze some ideas first; before you rush into harsh conclusions.

Why Currency Pairs Behave The Same And Sometimes Totally Opposite

Once you start your Forex trading training you will notice that currencies are always quoted in pairs, one currency value against another. The price of the British Pound against the US Dollar, the Swiss Franc against the British Pound, the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar and so on. Even from this set of three currency pairs you can see that some individual currencies appear more than once.

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